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Reduce the heat loss in our flats, homes or institutions. The space between is filled with inert gas, which it stops heat exchange between the inside of the building and its surroundings. It causes, that the winter will be more heat in the apartment, and in the summer it will be cooler. The lower the heat transfer coefficient U, the lower the heat loss. Standard windows have ratios of more than 2.5 U =. Insulated glass, which retain heat well, They have a U-value = 1.1 W / m2K or less.

In standard use glazing with heat transfer coefficient U = 1,0 (10% warmer than the European standard U = 1.1). We also offer windows with much lower coefficients, up to U = 0.5.


Thanks to new technologies, to improve the security of your home no longer need to install bars. Simply select the window panes burglary. They are recommended especially for companies, banks, schools and everywhere, where we want to increase the safety and protection against burglary.

Burglar-proof windows are the result of the application of several layers of a special foil burglary between bold layers of glass. The effectiveness of such a package is dependent on the number of layers of foil packages shaft.

02Flats, school, offices, interior doors, windows on the ground floor. Protection against injury in the event of glass breakage.
P2shopping Areas, detached houses, windows partners, hotel and office, sports halls. Protection against injury in the event of glass breakage; They provide temporary protection for the burglary without preparation.

Ornamental glass is a glass of reduced transparency resulting from the scattering of light rays on the patterned surface. It has wide application, due to its usability and decorative residential and industrial as for example glazing partition walls and doors in various public places and in sets of thermal insulation. Appearing in a wide range of patterns and colors allows architects and users to freely design the space in the built objects.

Below is a wide range of patterns of ornamental glass available in our company.

Please note, to the selection of ornamental glass is always made on the basis of a sample of glass.

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