Window systems


To optimal choice for those of you, who above all appreciate the noble and natural material. Our windows are made from carefully selected pine wood, mahoniowego (meranti) or oak laminated. We give them the technological processing according to strict European standards, which guarantees a product of indisputable quality.

Wide range colors and patterns freedom, reaching hand in hand with advanced manufacturing technology, They allow you to adjust the performance parameters and the final appearance of the window to the requirements of our customers.

Vertimar - window, door, construction stonemasonry
Drip window frame protects against moisture from the outside. Rain water drains out of the window frames, the entire structure against moisture.
Two seals in contact with one another form an air chamber, further isolating the area.
Composite structure made of wood glued 3-layer. The window profile is combined in such a way, the internal stress generated in the wood canceled each other, and the wood remained unchanged despite the action of the conditions atmosferycznych.profil SOFT-LINE
A characteristic feature of the Soft-line profiles are rounded edges of the glazing bead.

Perfectly smooth surface facilitates maintenance and upkeep of the window frame.

Rounded edges increase durability of the coating varnish.

Stained wood is several colors, depending on the customer preferences, then protected ecological, waterproof varnish.

 Vertimar - window, door, construction stonemasonry
This profile of classical edges of the glazing bead. The Standard option, there is a possibility to choose one of several color.

Colored wooden elements are coated organic lacquers. They are equipped with 1-chamber glazing with an extremely favorable performance of thermal transmittance

The windows are also characterized by high sound absorption coefficient.

 Vertimar - window, door, construction stonemasonry

The colors and texture of veneers may vary from.