Window systems

Roller shutters

Blind in the box at an angle of cut 45 grades mounted mainly on existing windows and facade. This type of system is the simplest solution in terms of technical and economic.

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The size of the box depends on the amount and type of blinds across the armor. Since it often depends on the choice of the method of installation.
Abandoned blind is an additional closing of the opening of the building and is also a partition with insulating properties.
Rigid polyurethane foam filling the profiles of an additional thermal insulation. The air layer formed between the abandoned armored blinds and window or door hinders heat exchange between the inside and the outside environment. This saves heating energy needed to heat the rooms, while in the heat of the day to protect them from excessive heating.
There is a version without mosquito nets and mosquito repellent.

The semi-circular shapes of the window blinds will give an elegant look. The size of the box depends on the amount and type of blinds across the armor. There is a version without mosquito nets and mosquito repellent.

Vertimar - window, door, construction stonemasonry

Blinds system nadprożowego a special structural system used in new buildings.

Vertimar - window, door, construction stonemasonry
Elements of the system nadprożowego provide quick and easy incorporation into any kind of wall, secure and stable attachment to structural elements of the building and an effective thermal and acoustic insulation.
The stability of the structure box is maintained thanks to the steel reinforcement and aluminum plaster means of media. Box blinds header guide is fully built.
As a result, the system can be perfectly fit into the architectural concept of the building. We can apply all kinds of profiles (PA-39, PA-45, PA-52, 37-PVC or PVC-52) the entire available range of colors.

Vertimar - window, door, construction stonemasonry
This system combines the advantages of a roller shutter with a blind Nadstawna. The main advantage of this system is that, that can be installed without enlarging window openings and at the same time build in the box so you achieve the visual effect as in the case of shutters nadstawnych.
The rollout of this type the whole box remains on the outside of the building and access service provides us with inspection hatch in the bottom of the. There is a version without mosquito nets and mosquito repellent.

  • They are manufactured with the highest quality materials: aluminum and PVC
  • They have a trouble-free and stable operation
  • are comfortable to use with ergonomic systems control the
  • They can be additionally equipped with a mosquito net, which further increases the comfort of home, flats, offices
  • protect against excessive of sunshine the rooms in summer and heat loss in winter
  • They provide protection intimacy household
  • They are offered in a wide range of finishes and colors
 Vertimar - window, door, construction stonemasonry

Depending on the architectural The customer can choose the type of blinds, that best match the appearance of the building. Wide range allows the selection of blinds at the design stage, and the finished window openings, as well as windows fit.

EXTERNAL BLINDS and mosquito nets

Vertimar - window, door, construction stonemasonry

Roller shutters they are produced “to size”, ie individual needs.

Flexible manufacturer to market requirements resulting in a blackout applicable in all kinds of objects:

  • residential
  • public buildings
  • conference rooms and projection
  • showrooms and exhibition facilities

Outdoor blinds are intended for all users who appreciate the aesthetics, quality, comfort, and above all, safety.


Housing roller shutters in aluminum system is available in two standard colors: white and brown. You can order the housing in each of the 210 colors RAL.

Vertimar - window, door, construction stonemasonry

The housing system as standard PVC is available in white, you can order the housing in one of the 28 renolitów (oklein).

Profile armor roller shutters, made of aluminum bent plates are filled with CFC-free polyurethane foam. They are available in more than 20 colors. Profile armor shutters with increased resistance to burglary, made of extruded aluminum, the request are available in each of the 210 RAL colors.

Offered types of roller shutters and a wide range of colors allow you to successfully customize the look of blinds to the original design of contemporary architecture, as well as apply them in classic, existing buildings.


Na high quality external blinds affect the type and quality used in their production materials.

  • Housing external blinds, consisting of a box and guide, It is available in two systems: aluminum and PVC.
  • Blinds imposed on the window (PVC) They are produced on the basis of the most modern on the Polish market system BeClever. An important advantage of these blinds is their versatility. By using the inspection of the underside of varying heights and roller shutter boxes, you can select one of the 4 variations building. Depending on the installation method blinds RN They can be used both in new construction, and the renovation of existing buildings.
  • Armor roller shutters made from aluminum profiles.

As a result of the above construction solutions, roller shutters are characterized by stable and trouble-free operation and high thermal and acoustic insulation, and at the same time they are safe for the environment.


Comfort operation of roller shutters provides ergonomic controls systems:

  • winding tape / twine
  • winding tape / twine with crank
  • transmission chain
  • z przekładnia kardanem
  • the drive spring
  • electric drive

An additional element of comfort podwyższającym use of your home and the office is, protection against insects, system mosquito nets wound.


Outdoor blinds are the perfect solution, podwyższającym comfort and aesthetics of your house, flats, offices. The quality used for the production of materials used and make the security system, that blinds effectively protect against: burglary, noise, adverse weather conditions unwanted glances.

Security offered by the roller shutters guarantee:

    • profile armor
    • strengthening of the bottom rail
    • grille guide

guide with extended chamber leading

  • castle baskwilowy
  • manual bolt
  • automatic bolt
  • hanger locking
  • protection comb
  • safety hook

The colors and texture of curtains may differ from the actual.