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Garage Doors – rolling – KRISPOL

Rolling Shutters is the ideal solution for the unusual garages, where there are custom building conditions.
Offered rolling shutters are a design solution allowing the installation of the gate in the garages, where we want to get the maximum free space directly under the ceiling, and in the case of atypical garages and utility rooms.
The gate opens vertically upwards, armor and the winding is located outside the box (RGZ) or inside (RGW) garage over the hole at the entry.
The standard equipment of the gate is a safety brake, protection against the falling down in case of failure and electric drive with radio control.
RGZ – Garage door shutter outer. Curtain retractable aluminum housing.

RGW – Garage door inner roller. Gate without housing, curtain wound on the shaft of the side plates.

Aesthetics and Colors
Rolling shutters are available in 8 RAL colors and dozens of veneer.

Rolling shutters can also be used as industrial doors.
The structure used to make door curtain is characterized by reliability, durability and safety.
Many of the solutions, in particular gate structure allows it to fit a wide range of conditions, which will be used.
The curtain is wound onto the shaft placed over the hole, so that the space under the ceiling remains free.

Industrial rolling doors - steel and aluminum
Krispol offer includes aluminum and steel gates.
Gate insulation, intended for use in, where it is important to maintain the temperature, They are made of profiles filled with polyurethane foam and sealed around the perimeter.
Gates arise from non-insulated single wall steel or aluminum profiles. The same offer are economic, ideal for the interior of buildings and industrial facilities that do not require thermal insulation.

Industrial gates have very different purpose. They manufactured exactly according to the indicated size, using solutions matching device for different tasks and building conditions.
The specification for the door are included m. in. Perforated profiles and profiles "grille" (with holes 100 x 30 mm).
An interesting proposal is the so-called. 'Gate with the Dragon Tattoo ", that is, individually designed perforated armor, for example,. referring to the model carried out at the facility operations.

STEEL R1 SD – insulated
Armor insulated gate roller R1 SDP is made of steel profiles with a height of 10 cm. We fill them heat insulator in the form of polyurethane foam. Insulating properties also strengthens the upper sealing system (lintel seal), the side (brush seals) and lower (sealing the bottom rail).

STEEL R1 SS – uninsulated
Gates R1 is an economical solution SS, which works perfectly in the interiors of buildings or facilities that do not require thermal insulation. The shells are made of single-walled steel profiles, galvanized. They are available in versions with spring system (R1 SSG) or electric drive side (R1 SSP).


ALUMINUM R1 AD – insulated
Armor insulated roller door ADP R1 is constructed from aluminum profiles with a height 10 cm. Provides thermal insulation filling profiles CFC-free polyurethane foam, and the upper sealing system, and the lower side. Model R1 ADP are equipped with an electric drive side, guaranteeing ease of use.

R1 AS ALUMINUM – uninsulated
Gates is an economical non-insulated interior offer ideal industrial buildings and facilities that do not require thermal insulation. The shells R1 AS are made of single-walled aluminum profiles with a height 9,1 cm. They are equipped with drive-sprung (R 1 ASG) or electric drive side (R1 ASP).

The colors and texture of the gates may differ from the actual.