Window systems

Parmax – Top Design Wood

TOP DESIGN WOOD– Oak wood characterized by
nobility and strength, which
do not attempt to change the time. oak is
specific expression of dignity, which
add sophistication to your homes
and elegance. External oak doors
A hard and tough, resistant to
mechanical damage and scratches.
The unique color and material of which
We create doors make, that we leave
outside schemes, adjusting our doors
to your expectations.


Characteristics of the collection - TOP DESIGN WOOD:
- durability / High resistance to weather conditions,
- Energy efficiency / Low coefficient of thermal transmittance,
- Security / Advanced anti-theft systems,
- Appearance / The modern and timeless design exterior doors.

Brushing allows you to get deep structure on wood.
Enhancing its grain, whereby the surface become finely roughened.
This procedure made it allows you to give a very individual character.

Colors collection WOOD:

Wood finishing oils has its roots in antiquity.
Oiled wood retains all the natural look, at the same time gaining slightly insulated color.
Oil also emphasizes the grain of the wood. Modern oils with special formulas an characterized by much higher resistance to water, scratch
and operation of dyes.

Exemplary models: