masonry building


Natural stone tiles They are permanent form of decoration and part of the outer facades of buildings. They can be used as floor coverings and wall interior salons, the kitchen, bathrooms, shops, offices.

applied materials:

Outdoors, due to weather conditions and traffic routes, where the floor surface is exposed to abrasion, recommended to use the tiles of granite, travertine, and conglomerates included in quartz collections. The same materials, due to their usability, They are used in public areas and public high traffic.

All plates from our offer can be placed on contact (bezfugowo), ideal due to the quality of the preparation. It depends on the precise dimensioning of the – in the first grade – through a process called calibration.


WShipment tiles: (width x height x thickness)

  • granite, marble: 30,5×30,5×1 cm, 61×30,5×1 cm, 40x40x1 cm thickness optional 1,5 cm
  • conglomerate: 30x30x1 or 2 cm, 60x30x1 or 2 cm, 40x40x1 or 2 cm, 60x60x1 or 2 cm, 40 x 20×1 or 2 cm
  • quartz conglomerate: 30x30x1,2 cm, 40x40x1,2 cm, 60x60x1,2 cm